Private Equity, Venture Capital and Fintech Area

Our team specializes in the dynamic and strategic areas of Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Fintech, merging deep knowledge of innovative financial transactions with solid experience in financial regulation.

We provide comprehensive advice to a variety of clients, from entrepreneurs with early-stage projects to established expanding companies, offering strategic legal solutions that not only ensure regulatory compliance but also drive success at the intersection of finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

In the Private Equity realm, we advise on acquisitions and corporate restructurings, ensuring efficient management of investment funds.

In Venture Capital, we accompany entrepreneurs from the conception of their business to capital-raising rounds, adapting our structures to each stage of business growth. In the Fintech sector, we address issues such as crowdfunding, regulation of payment platforms and cryptocurrencies, providing strategic advice tailored to technological innovations in the financial market.

Our experience in these areas enables us to facilitate the entry of new players into startups, negotiating conditions that harmonize various interests. We offer sophisticated advice, supporting the development and success of our clients in these dynamic and constantly evolving sectors.


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